About Us

ABF’s stated mission is to improve bio feedstock availability and affordability through the responsible recycling of waste oils and greases. ABF plans to partner with municipalities and private land applied facilities, creating a national network of brown grease recycling plants which are owned and operated by the company.

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Affordable Bio Feedstock, Inc. (ABF) was incorporated in April 2008 as a Florida corporation and is based in Kissimmee, Florida. ABF is at the leading edge of innovation for the environmentally responsible recycling of grease trap waste. The negative environmental impact associated with the continued land application of brown grease, and the significant costs to food service establishments, liquid waste haulers, and wastewater treatment plants in dealing with this troublesome waste is well documented. ABF, however, was one of the first to recognize the potential of brown grease as a source of feedstock to produce biofuel such as biodiesel. ABF commenced operations in 2008.

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Our process called “thermal depolymerization” has proven highly effective in separating the contents of brown grease, producing a suite of products which can be used as biodiesel feedstock, organic compost and a soil enhancer, among other applications. Through our dedication and ingenuity in developing our process, we have not only been successful in accomplishing our technological objectives, we have gained a strong understanding of the uses and markets for the products derived from recycled brown grease. The ABF thermal depolymerization plant is scalable in design and has a nameplate capacity of over 19.2 million gallons of brown grease annually, or 80,000 gallons per day. ABF’s plant design is modular and can be co-located at wastewater treatment and private brown grease disposal facilities, significantly reducing the costs associated with brown grease disposal and providing an environmentally responsible alternative to land application (dumping).

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Prior to forming ABF, the Freeman family was involved in the biodiesel industry. It is this experience, combined with the understanding of the importance of feedstock availability and affordability to the growth and success of the biofuel industry. That led us on a nationwide search for a cost-effective method of producing bio feedstock. Early assistance provided by the a local water authority not only helped us assess the viability of brown grease as a bio component for biofuel, they also provided insight on the vast amounts of brown grease being generated in our communities and the challenges faced by municipal wastewater facilities in treating and disposing of brown grease.

Since commencing operations in 2008, we have recycled more than 10 million gallons of brown grease, creating over 283,000 gallons of brown grease feedstock, more than 300 tons of organic solids and reclaiming over 9 million gallons of nutrient rich water at our flagship plant in Kissimmee, Florida.